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11th January 2019

We feel forced to issue a statement following a number of complaints we have received about a competing service operating as Copyright.Co.Uk as unfortunately people seem to be confusing the two companies.

Firstly we must stress that Copyright.Co.Uk are owned by a completely separate company and not part of our service in any way.

Copyright.Uk/Copyright.Co.Uk service and domains are owned by a French company called “Objective Concept”, who own multiple domains targeting specific countries.

Here are there details if you need to contact them:

COPYRIGHT .CO.UK is a service of Objective Concept 91 rue du Faubourg Saint HONORE 75008 Paris
RCS PARIS B 500 790 910 - TVA INTRACOM : FR76500790910
E mail :
Source: 2019-01-11

Our company (Copyright Witness Ltd) is a UK company, and we operate the Copyright Witness and UK Copyright Service ( services.

Our contact details can be found on our contact page

Due to to the similarity of the domain names and trading names it appears that a number of people have been confusing the two services and over recent months we have received several complaints from people claiming that they have received demands for payment and treats of legal action from us. Each time we have investigated these complaints it turned out that the correspondence they referred to had come from and the complainant had simply confused the services due to the similarity in their trading name to ours.


Our own ‘UK Copyright Service’ ( service dates back to 2000.

With a quick visit to the Wayback Machine (web archive), we can see that the domain was purchased in 2010:
2010-08-18 - site for sale:
2010-09-20 - website has been launched:

Cause of complaints

The route cause of the complaint seems to relate to the way the Copyright.Co.Uk operate their renewals and a lack of clarity on charges. in particular people have complained that they are automatically billed for a recurring annual fee and threatened with legal action if they do not pay.

Looking at their site it is initially hard to understand why this is, as their main products state “Certificate by E-mail / Secure Storage 30 years by the notary included.”

For example, their cheapest product at the time of writing states:

Copyright Deposit Registration - 1 token
Filing with a notary.
Certificate by E-mail / Secure Storage 30 years by the notary included.
Private link to your certificate.
£ 42
Source: 2019-01-11

This may sound like they are offering a 30 year registration for just £42, (if so that would be unbelievably cheap). But.... Based on what complainants have told us the fee is in fact per year which means that it is in fact very expensive.

This becomes clearer when you read their terms and conditions:

Deposit services offered by the company are sold in annual packs. Each deposit gives you the right to the presentation of a digital file. Annual packages are valid for one year from the date of signing the contract.
Source:, Article 3, 2019-01-11

And their renewal terms:

The contracts with COPYRIGHT.CO.UK company within one year from the date of signature and are renewed by tacit agreement by an automatic renewal at the end of the year of subscription of the same amount, unless the customer sends us a letter by certified mail indicating the desire to avoid the automatic renewal of the contract until 30 days before the anniversary date of the contract. Any cancellations made verbally have no immediate effect on the current subscription, and the customer has no right to request a refund for used deposits. Only cancellations by certified mail 30 days before the end of the year shall be considered valid.
Source:, Article 9, 2019-01-11

Price comparison

Here we have compared the difference in price for lodging a work with us for 5 years, against lodging the same work for the same period of time using the cheapest option offered by Copyright.Co.Uk:

  • Registering a single work with us for 5 years (assuming online pricing) currently costs £42.50.
    (prices correct as at 2019-01-11, please see our forms for current pricing).
  • Lodging a work with Copyright.Co.Uk for the same period (5 years) would cost £212.50 (calculated at £42 per year for 5 years).
    (Prices as stated at on 2019-01-11). Copyright Service
UK Copyright Service
Year 1£42.00£42.50
Year 2* £42.00 -
Year 3* £42.00 -
Year 4* £42.00 -
Year 5* £42.00 -

*Assumes that prices remain at current rates.

Our own policies

We would like to reassure our own clients, and those thinking of using our service that we have never threatened any client with legal action.

With our service you initially pay for a fixed period of cover, either 5 or 10 years. When that cover period is approaching its end, we will try to contact you and offer the chance to extend the registration period.

If you do not renew, the registration simply expires and no payment is expected.

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